Photocopier & Printer Recycling & Disposal

Recycle machinery

Our photocopier and printer recycling process is environmentally-friendly, competitively priced and completely hassle-free.

All items of equipment are either refurbished for reuse or the component parts are remarketed or recycled (with the revenue being used to offset your costs).

As office equipment is renewed and updated, we find ourselves with excess waste that must be dealt with in an appropriate manner. We all understand the need to dispose of computers, hard drives and laptops adequately but it’s important not to overlook printers and photocopiers, too.

Once a printer has served its purpose, you must consider both the environmental impact and any potential security threats.

Sensitive data stored on printers and photocopiers

Printers with internal drives can store print jobs, scans and faxes so the disposal process needs to be in line with the Data Protection Act. At CDL, all data bearing equipment will be dealt with securely using the highest recognised UK standards.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

At CDL, we make printer and photocopier recycling easy. We like to stay one step ahead of the competition which is why we ensure our retirement processes exceed the UK legal requirements. We work closely with the WEEE Directive and ensure that your equipment will be reduced, reused or recycled. Where possible any revenue we acquire from this process will be used to offset your costs (and could even leave you in profit).

Data collection made simple

Wherever you are on the UK mainland, we guarantee collection within five working days. We’re also proud to say we have no minimum quantity stipulations and will take all manner of WEEE equipment. We can carry out the process on your site if you require, otherwise we operate from our state-of-the-art facility in Cheshire, which uses Biomass heating and intelligent lighting to achieve our carbon-neutral aims.

Our aim is to take away the hassle that you face when it comes to printer and photocopier recycling. We’ll collect and retire your equipment in a way that suits you and do so in a cost-effective and hassle-free way.

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