Secure Data Destruction

Secure Data Destruction

At CDL, our aim is to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to your data disposal.

All of our destruction and recycling processes exceed government guidelines and are fully compliant with The Data Protection Act and the WEEE Directive.

Security first

If you deal with confidential data, then you’ll be well aware of the risks involved with disposing of outdated computer and IT equipment. Failure to adequately safeguard sensitive data can have huge repercussions for businesses making secure destruction one of our customers’ greatest concerns.

At CDL, we take secure data destruction very seriously. We’ll carry out data disposal either on your own premises or at CDL headquarters, whichever suits you. We’ll also guarantee truly competitive rates.

How we do what we do

The only way to permanently erase your data without destroying your hard drive is by overwriting the entire drive. Simply deleting the files using your Operating System does not remove the data. To truly erase the data, you must overwrite the entire HDD

At CDL, we use WhiteCanyon WipeDrive 8.1 to permanently remove your data. Not only does this program adhere to the UK’s highest standard (known as HMG IS 5 Enhanced) but it is also the only software to be approved by the likes of Interpol, Homeland Security, IBM and Microsoft.

How does the process differ for SSD?

The approach for erasing hard drives is widely understood, but if you work with Solid State Disk (SSD) storage technology, a different approach is required. WhiteCanyon WipeDrive is the only ADISA approved software certified for overwriting SSDs

So, what happens if you can’t overwrite my data?

In the event that data cannot be overwritten (if the hard drive fails or if the hard drive is below 80GB) then hard drives will be physically destroyed at our facility using our Untha RS40 HDD shredder.

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