Free IT Disposal


If you’re a government body or public organisation, then you’ll be looking for a partner that understands your business and the sector in which you operate. Not only do we provide the knowledge and expertise you need, but if you have 25 or more major items then you’ll qualify for a free IT disposal service from any mainland UK location.

Do I need IT disposal?

We understand that to run your organisation effectively you’ll need to regularly update and modernise your IT hardware but with this process comes the risk for confidential data to be leaked or toxic substances to escape into the environment (IT hardware often contains hazardous substances that are dangerous when disposed of incorrectly). We specialise in secure data destruction and environmentally-compliant WEEE IT recycling and disposal for the public sector.

How can CDL help?

Our agreement will cover you for all IT equipment regardless of age or spec. We’ll use our own fleet of vehicles and drivers to collect your equipment then we’ll use CESG-approved overwriting software or ADISA-certified shredders for IT equipment, that can’t be recycled or reused. And then, once the work is complete, we’ll generate a full asset report (including serial number, customer asset number and full specifics for every item destroyed or recycled) and documentation compliant with the WEEE Directive to give you peace of mind.

The public sector includes (but is not limited to):

  • Hospitals and doctors’ surgeries
  • Other NHS providers
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Councils

Contact us today to learn more or call us on 01925730033.

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