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Flexible, convenient and responsible, the CDL technology and hardware recycling process delivers exceptional value and quality of service for your business.

Our comprehensive range of computer disposal services takes the hassle out of retiring old computer hardware, generating revenue and ensuring the safe removal of personal data from redundant IT systems.

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Equipment Inventory

Thanks to our flexible, case-by-case approach, we offer the best value in computer disposals, ensuring that you only pay for the services you use. We can provide an accurate quote before a collection or assessment is undertaken, so you can enjoy the transparency of knowing the cost upfront.

As part of the initial quotation, we request an equipment inventory detailing the technology and hardware to be retired. From this, we can accurately advise on residual values and associated retirement costs, and provide guidance on data destruction and management.


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To guarantee complete convenience for your business, CDL offers collection from any UK address, as well as pick-up from Ireland and the Channel Islands. This removes any unnecessary cost and ensures total convenience, with our own fleet of collection vehicles able to visit your site on a pre-agreed time and date.

All our collection vehicles are GPS tracked and CCTV recorded, and our drivers are vetted to ensure complete security of your retired IT equipment. We’re able to collect loose, caged or palletized hardware from your site, and can provide storage containers and cages at your convenience.


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Retirement Process

When your old computer hardware reaches our purpose-built facility, the equipment is segregated into non-hazardous and hazardous WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment), before being further separated by data baring and non-data baring. We then tag each individual component with its own unique CDL asset number, guaranteeing accurate reporting and auditing.

Any equipment which contains data is securely processed, with sensitive information erased and relevant certification added to the asset report. We also aim to reuse equipment wherever possible under the WEEE Directive, and recycling components which can’t be repurposed.


Revenue Generation

Thanks to our extensive broker network and comprehensive equipment inventory analysis, we’re able to maximise the potential revenue for your retired hardware and equipment. The revenue generated by selling or repurposing the redundant technology can be used to either offset the cost of recycling the hardware or can be passed back to you.

In most cases, we will be able to provide you with guidance on the revenue you can expect before the project is undertaken. As a means of making things more transparent, we provide fixed rebates for equipment, so you know exactly how much you can expect to receive in return for your redundant IT equipment.


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WEEE Documentation & Asset Report

As part of our commitment to ensuring a transparent and efficient computer recycling service, we provide all our customers with WEEE documentation and asset reporting, which is forwarded to you in electrical format when we’ve received and processed your retired hardware. This process ensures complete accuracy and accountability, giving you the peace of mind that your old equipment has been processed to the highest industry standards.

To complete the WEEE documentation and asset report, we begin by assigning every piece of equipment its own unique asset number, which is used to help identify it throughout the recycling process. For every collection, we log a wealth of information which helps to categorise and identify specific pieces of equipment, with the final asset report containing the following information as a minimum:

  • Make, model and specification
  • Unique CDL barcode asset number
  • Equipment condition (Grade)
  • Customer asset number if applicable
  • Equipment serial number
  • Data erase certification for individual hard drives
  • Confirmation of resale or disposal
  • Additional comments
  • Collection summary

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