The Impact Of Brexit On Data Protection Legislation And How To Comply.

12 October 2016

Are you up to date? Here’s how to comply with the 2016 EU Data Protection Regulation when disposing of ICT assets.


The world of technology has advanced beyond measure since the original EU Data Protection 95/46/EC came into force way back in 1995. Back then in the land before smartphones, the ‘cloud’ was just something that blocked out the sun…


So with mind-sets to privacy evolving rapidly since those days, the new 2016 law is intended to reflect these vast changes in technology and our use of it. This in turn means that your business or organisation’s ability to demonstrate compliance with the new data protection legislation is paramount in order to maintain a healthy reputation and not succumb to a possibly crippling financial punishment because of a data breach.


These significant changes were brought into effect from April 2016. Companies have 2 years to introduce new procedures to meet the new directive.


The following document also discusses the impact of Brexit on data protection legislation and the need for the UK to employ equivalent legislation when it comes to the disposal and ICT asset recovery once we have exited the EU.


To read the regulations in full, click on the image below.








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