Panorama Documentary Highlights Illegal Shipment Of WEEE

21 April 2011

In May 2011 BBC aired a Panorama documentary highlighting the illegal export of WEEE that was shown to have made its way to waste sites to include Nigeria and Ghana. This alleged illegal transportation of redundant IT equipment from the UK to Africa has raised questions about how any organisation can ensure that its redundant equipment is recycled or reused in a legal and morally responsible manner. The program can be viewed at the following link:

Comment from Director Jean-Pierre Naylor:

"This is yet another program that highlights the concerns we have harboured for a while regarding the increasing number of less than scrupulous IT disposal companies currently operating. Whilst the Environment Agency are responsible for the monitoring of waste transfers, they are facing an almost impossible battle due to the ever increasing scale of waste production and these cowboy operators. Unfortunately this incident is not a one off, which is why companies should be extremely diligent when selecting their IT disposal partner."

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