Game Of Drones

30 November 2016

With the drone industry continuing to grow at an unrelenting pace in both the commercial and consumer sectors, it looks like the buzzing aerial machines are definitely here to stay. Last year alone, the FAA (the agency responsible for regulating U.S. airspace) granted over a thousand exemptions to businesses hoping to use drones, and millions of pilots are being created all over the globe as they ‘get in on the game’, looking for fun as well as business opportunities and even the ability to carry out humanitarian missions, delivering urgently needed medical supplies to inaccessible, remote rural communities around the world.


“Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society.” Bill Gates


Agriculture, constructing, land surveying and mining are just a few of the industries where drones are being successfully put to work as businesses recognise their value. The capabilities of these machines are increasing all the time, thanks to new sensor technology, tighter integration and seamless software support.


“As with all new inventions, there are upsides and downsides. The commercial drone is no exception. But until robust safeguards have been introduced to protect personal privacy from prying eyes in the skies, the true benefits to society of unmanned aerial vehicles will remain unrealised.” Alex Morritt, Impromptu Scribe


The next adrenaline-fuelled spectator sport?


It’s not just in the commercial world where drone use is growing. Is drone racing about to become the sport of the future? This summer just gone in New York, ESPN broadcast an event where tiny bug-like devices whizzed through the sky at 60mph, creating a spectacle akin to a miniature Formula 1 race. With well-known international brands like AIG and Ernst & Young pouring money into this fledgling sport, it looks like the future could well see drone racing as a genuine spectator sport and not just a group of tech geeks flying toys in the park.


We’re likely to see many of the smart technology features found in high end drones filtering down to consumer models, with these features including hovering, auto fly, one direction mode, virtual reality and enhanced video quality. Prices are also likely to drop dramatically, making the drone even more accessible and allowing new applications to emerge, making the ‘game of drones’ a story that’s only just begun…


Keep your data away from prying eyes with secure computer recycling

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