Computer Recycling and Hidden Fortunes

11 June 2015

Could you make a quick quid from your old computer?

Take a look at the old heap of computer equipment in the corner of the office. It's too much of a hassle to do anything about it isn't it? You can't just sell it on - what about the data breach risks? And anyway, surely no one would want to pay anything for that pile of rubbish would they? Think again. You can keep data safe as well as discovering value lurking within your obsolete technology. And you're just letting it sit there gathering dust...

Because technology turnover is so rapid, there is an immense amount of unwanted computer equipment waiting to have its hidden value discovered, such as valuable or rare-earth metals in your PC components. Secure recycling is the answer. Keep your data secure and make a return in the process.


        "The all-knowing yesterday is obsolete today" - Jarod Kintz


Always commit to secure computer recycling.

The importance of responsible computer recycling has never been so vital. So if your company is one that is committed to the ethical recycling of its obsolete computers and technology products, make sure secure and environmentally friendly computer recycling that adheres to proper recycling regulations is part of your consideration, to ensure ultimate data security.

It's important to remember that companies are now legally obliged to safely dispose of potentially sensitive information in accordance with current security laws and the Data Protection Act of 1998. Be sure only to use a computer recycling company that operates in accordance with, and preferably exceeds all government guidelines such as the WEEE Directive and the Data Protection Act.

Don't just bin it. It might cost you.

Chucking away old computers simply isn't an option these days. So when trying to do the right thing by recycling, decommissioning or donating your old computers, it's essential to ensure that information has been completely and securely erased by always using a reputable computer recycling service provider. Many companies are still unaware of the fact that if you fall victim to a data breach, it's you that's liable for costs, not the recycling company. Many high profile companies have fallen victim to prosecution and heavy fines under the updated 1998 Data Protection Act, through a failure to ensure that secure data destruction has been carried out successfully before disposing of data bearing technology.

Tap into an extensive broker channel.

So, to make sure you generate the highest revenue possible from your old tech and keep valuable data away from prying eyes, trust a reputable computer recycling company such as CDL to utilise an extensive broker channel and offer fixed rebates for equipment to keep things straightforward. Revenue generated is used to either offset retirement costs or passed on to you the customer.

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