Computer Recycling & The Dangers Of Landfill Disposal

4 January 2015

Approximately 50 million tonnes of electronic waste is produced each year and it has been estimated that a mere 20% is recycled.

The remaining waste is destined for either landfill or incineration, which can cause considerable harm to the environment as IT equipment such as computers and laptops can contain harmful heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead. These hazardous substances can pollute the air if the equipment is incinerated, or they can leech into the soil and surface water should the old IT equipment be placed in landfill.

In the United States, approximately 70% of all heavy metals found causing pollution in landfill sites come from electronic goods.

Ever-developing technology, rapid development in software and competitive pricing has led to computers and laptops becoming obsolete quickly. Large businesses can be left with a large amount of redundant IT equipment to dispose of and it is essential that businesses are aware of the pitfalls (and fines!) associated with incorrect computer recycling and disposal of electronic waste.

In 2006, the government introduced the WEEE Directive to the UK. This legislation sets targets for the collection, recovery and recycling of electronic waste and calls upon producers and manufacturers to take responsibility in making sure redundant equipment is recycled and disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

Secure computer recycling involves secure data destruction

When laptops and other data-bearing equipment, extreme care needs to be taken to ensure that all data is destroyed securely. Identity fraud has become a real concern over the last few years, and as attacks become more and more sophisticated, it becomes even more essential to make sure that personal and sensitive data is securely dealt with.

There are many high profile companies and organisations that have received heavy fines under the 1998 Data Protection Act for failing to secure sensitive data. It is essential for businesses to choose a professional and reputable IT disposal company that will be proficient in ensuring secure destruction of all data and harddrives. Should a data security breach occur, it is not the disposal firm who is liable, but the business who hired them.

CDL specialise in the secure disposal and recycling of computers, laptops and other electronic equipment. We offer collection from anywhere in the UK using our own fleet of vehicles and security-vetted drivers, and hold all relevant accreditations to ensure professional, reliable and secure recycling and disposal of all redundant IT equipment.

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